Annie Särnblad is a preeminent global expert in reading facial expressions and has developed her own, easy-to-absorb teaching techniques based on the knowledge she accumulated living in 9 countries and studying 7 languages through immersion.

As a strategic advisor to Fortune 500s, startups and family offices, Annie has spent 18 years helping CEOs and management teams make informed decisions about whom they can trust. In addition to corporate clients, Annie helps high profile families with heightened security needs, individuals navigating charged political situations, educators, peace mediators, medical professionals and others.

Annie has a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and has lived and worked across Asia, Europe and the Americas. She is certified in the Facial Action Coding System “FACS” and can numerically code the 10,000 muscle combinations in human expression. Annie’s clients include a variety of businesses and educational institutions including YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), Stanford University, Dartmouth College and the Museum of Science (Boston).*

*Facial Action Coding System based on the work of Paul Ekman, Wallace V. Friesen and Joseph C. Hager, as well as the previous work of Carl-Herman Hjortsjö and Charles Darwin.

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